Our Team

At Compassionate Home Health Care Inc., we pride ourselves on giving current students and recent grads internship opportunities that ultimately help shape and grow our mission with every year. We partner with surrounding area schools to help find the right candidates for each role. With plans for our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign to grow with each year, new responsibilities help our interns leverage their education and advance their performance here at CHHC.


Cayci Diedrich

Cayci Diedrich

Marketing Intern

Cayci is a recent Marketing grad from Fox Valley Technical College. At Compassionate Home Health Care, Cayci works on updating and maintaining the company’s social media pages and main website. She also communicates directly with partners and community supporters to help ensure success for the campaign. Cayci’s favorite thing about interning at CHHC is being involved in a positive non-profit organization that continues to grow each year, and she loves seeing the support they receive from the community.

Cayci was born and raised in Appleton, WI and working for Compassionate Home Health Care has ensured her of the good that is happening around her community.